Through Education

 About Us

Our Objectives

To communicate the wildlife conservation activities at and near Wainwright to the public.
To promote tourism in Wainwright by providing opportunities for the travelling public to enjoy wildlife.
To educate the children and adults of Wainwright and vicinity about wildlife conservation in east-central Alberta.

 What We Do

Our Accomplishments

The Wainwright Wildlife Society (WWS) was incorporated under the Societies’ Act of the Province of Alberta on May 6, 1987.

During the first year of the Society’s existence, it undertook several local area projects, the principal project being the initiation of a tour program of the Canadian Wildlife Services Captive Peregrine Breeding Facility in CFB Camp Wainwright. This facility was removed years ago when the peregrine falcon was taken off the endangered species list.

Other projects the Society has taken on since then include making the walking trails and carrying out the cleanup in the Bevans Nature Centre, the placement of bluebird nest boxes to construct a Bluebird Trail in the Wainwright area, bird banding, the invitation of guest speakers for general public meetings to lecture on various wildlife topics, and the organization of field trips to the Devonian Gardens, the David Lake Ecological Reserve, and the Ellis Bluebird Farm, etc. Recently they have also built a bird watching tower at Bushy Head Lake and toured the heron colony at WATC.

Duck boxes and goose nesting platforms have been placed on Bushy Head Lake, which the Society was instrumental in having declared as a No Hunting Area.

Society members donate many hours in construction of display boards, bird boxes and feeders. They also hold public meetings and provide public informational materials about wildlife concerns for the local newspapers and local school libraries. An annual Grouse Watch is held each year in April.

 Getting Involved with WWS

How To Take Part In What We Do

Wainwright Wildlife Society meetings are held once a month, with guest speakers brought in at various occasions throughout the year. Another trip to the Devonian Gardens is planned for this summer.

If you are at all interested in wildlife conservation and wildlife concerns, in attending the Grouse Watch or in coming with our members to visit the Devonian Gardens, contact Laurence Hoover at 842 - 2399 or Butch Friis at 842 - 2160 for more information.

Please call for more information about how you can help the Wainwright Wildlife Society through your purchase of bluebird, wren, and bat boxes.